Why we didnt need a White Paper.

 First of all. We dont launch an ICO because our Token has only one meaning pure "Speculation/Trade" on different exchanges favor for small and medium investors to make money fast..

Whitepaper.We think it is mostly irrelevant. Only 35-40% read and understand Whitepapers and small investors or cryptobeginers didnt read it

In fact, most crypto forums are filled with posts of people asking the same thing over and over or issuing the same three or four criticisms of blockchains that they read somewhere else.

But blockchains, and the general concept of decentralized systems, unlock a lot of new, cool possibilities. And the way to understand those isn't to evaluate the technical merits of a blockchain via the white paper. It's like evaluating Amazon's e-commerce capabilities based on its low-level server infrastructure design.

Blockchain technology is early, and as such, it should be evaluated more like the way startups are evaluated. And focusing on the underlying technology via the white paper is akin to looking primarily at a startup's architecture diagrams to decide if you should invest. It makes no sense. It's one small data point out of many.

The thing token buyers are missing when they look at a white paper is that the blockchain under consideration will almost certainly change. Why? Because technology changes. Use cases will expand. Other blockchains will compete for attention.

In other words, innovation happens and there is no reason to think it won't happen to blockchains. What you really want to think about then, is how that happens for the dapp or blockchain or network you are evaluating. The next time you look at a token or a network, just skim the white paper.

Make it a secondary factor in your decision, not the primary thing you buy on. Spend your time instead looking and understanding the big vision and thinking counterfactually about the possible futures of the network. You'll make better decisions.

Our Spectraal Token Campaign is Straight and Fair to all Traders/Investors. You dont need to Invest in an ICO. With our Airdrop Campaign we prevent from "WHALES" to manipulate the Price of our Spectraal Token.

Many of our Tokens will be Airdropped and than the meaning of this Token can Start. PURE Trading on Exchanges same chances to all Traders without any broken ICO promises or other stupid Things.

PURE TRADING supply and demand to make money.

For us ICO Crowdsales are the biggest SCAM to take other Peoples Money. They took so many Money for his Projects thats not justified.

Take a look at Telegram Token Pre Sale for example. They get more than 850m Dollar for a Messenger Token. How crazy is that thats why many Countries Worldwide will STOP ICOs. Spectraal Token is the only Coin for Investors that you can get via Huge Airdrop or on an Exchange and not via Crowdsale.

Dont forget! Spectraal Token was only born for pure Trading/Speculation nothing more.....Many ICO and Coins makes so many promises (to the moon) about his Project mostly nothin happens at the Coin Price on the Exch. Whales and Big Investors decide the Market Price no Chance for small and medium Investors.

Spectraal Token

Pure Trading

Make Money fast with Spectraal.

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